Lion dance-feeding lion

Teasing the lion-Chinese New Year 2014 (CNY)

We participated in Chinese New Year Party 2014 at Chartwell Oakville Retirement Residence. We were welcomed with a delicious “Dragon Fruit Punch” so that our lion will be lively and punched up a good lively show. Needless to say, the folks at Chartwell Residence were treated to a lively, high energy lion dance show where some of the residents teased the lion before the lion was fed the “GREEN” or lucky money. This is called “choy cheng” or plucking the green which is usually green leafy lettuce with a red enveloping containing money.

The lion is considered a creature that brings luck and prosperity and thus the lion is rewarded with lucky money after blessing the business, organization or household.



Happy Chinese New Year 2014, the year of the Horse.