Lion Dance Toronto Unique Entertainment for your Event!

What is Lion Dancing

highlightLion dancing  is an energetic traditional Chinese live performance perfect to entertain a crowd.

It has a long standing tradition in Chinese culture, symbolizing strength, courage and wisdom. Lion Dancing is believed to bring good fortune, prosperity and happiness; endurance and power.

The routine is normally done by a small group of people. Usually two of the group members will be operating the lion head, as the other three will be playing Chinese traditional instruments.

Together with the music they play live, the lion dances along with the beat, creating a spectacular show!

Lion Dance History & Folklore

Lion is considered in many fables as the “king of the jungle”. It’s body structure, with its mane, gives the physical appearance of majestic, proud stature.

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Lion Dance Mythology in China

The “Nian” tale: Every spring before the Spring Festival, the beast called “Nian” attacked the village and destroy crops. Tired of the destruction, the villagers banded together and came up with a solution.

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Lion Dance Toronto team consists of

  • a professional 5 member team

    • a professional 5 member team
  • Lion Head

    • Person who wears the mask over him/her and manipulates the mask to bring the mask to life.
    • Two people will be operating the Lion head
  • Lion Tail

    • The embroidered long costume that represents the body and tail of the lion is draped over a performer and he/she will move the lion body/tail.
  • The Band

    • A 3 piece percussion band, will be playing on Chinese traditional instruments in which the drum is the lead instrument and accompanied by the gong and cymbals.

Who is Lion Dance Toronto?