Lion Dance Toronto Unique Entertainment for your Event!

Do you need an exciting new way to promote your event and get your guests entertained?

We specialize in unique cultural traditional performances using Lion Dance.

Lion Dance Toronto offers professional lion dance performances for your events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions, public venues and marketing promotions.

We have over 20 years in experience in dealing with various events in southern Ontario.

We will listen to your needs, develop a unique entertainment approach to serve your guests, and cater to your venue professionally making a memorable impact for many to view!

Service include:

  • a professional 5 member team.
  • Two people will be operating the Lion head
  • three others will be playing on Chinese traditional instruments.
  • The event lasts for approximately 15 minutes in which the lion will be interacting with your guests.
  • The party has the option to hold the Lion’s bait which is normally lettuce. After the Lion takes it, he will break the lettuce apart and throw it onto the ground.

Lion dances are performed at
  • Corporate Events– Bank Openings, Corporate Team Building, Store Opening
  • Festivals: Lunar New Year Celebration
  • Public Events: Community Picnic, Markets, Centers, Public Areas
  • Private Functions: Weddings, Birthday Parties
  • Marketing Campaigns: Product Promotions, Service Promotions

Lion Dance Toronto team consists of

    • a professional 5 member team

    • Person who wears the mask over him/her and manipulates the mask to bring the mask to life. Two people will be operating the Lion head

    • The embroidered long costume that represents the body and tail of the lion is draped over a performer and he/she will move the lion body/tail.

    • A 3 piece percussion band, will be playing on Chinese traditional instruments in which the drum is the lead instrument and accompanied by the gong and cymbals.

Options & Add Ons
  • Additional Lion

    • – add $385.00 per lion
  • Red Envelop & Golden foil chocolate

    • add $1.00 per piece
  • Roll Down Chinese Scroll

    • add $100.00 per scroll
  • Lion Dance Leap & Hold

    • add $20.00 per leap
  • Lion Dancing on Traditional Chinese Chairs

    • add $80.00 per lion