Courvoisier, Napoleon Bonaparte’s Cognac with Chinese Lions

Courvoisier cognac-1800 edition


Chinese  lions dancing to the beat of the drum in the presence of Courvoisier cognac year 1800 edition. The blend of cognac is from the era of Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule of France. The Emperor tasted the cognac and was impressed with the taste and decided to provide a ration of the Courvoisier blend to his troops during the Napoleonic war.


lion dance at Courvoisier tasting booth

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year 2014 Year of the Horse (incidentally, that is also the logo on the distinguished Courvoisier cognac bottle), Courvoisier celebrated with lion dance and giving out taste samples of Courvoisier cognac to  connoisseur.

Courvoisier and Lion Dance Toronto wishes you a Happy, Prosperous Chinese New Year of the Horse.


Chinese character fortune - 福

福 – Fortune coming from the heaven